Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About Craze Agency

The Craze Agency is pure agency. This means we do not require our talent to go through a training center in order for us to promote them. Craze Agency does not charge upfront fees to promote our talent. We work on a commission when our talent book jobs. Craze does encourage our talent to get quality training and experience, but we believe it is the talents option to choose.
We are an A rated member of the Better Business Bureau. On Nov. 2nd 2009 rated we achieved the ranking of 38th agency in the world by IMDB.COM the world’s expert in the entertainment industry!

The Craze Modeling and Talent Agency is a government licensed modeling and talent agency registered and top rated by all major legal government bureaus. Craze was established in 1999. We are celebrating over 11 successful years as an Agency.

Craze President Troy Lee has work as an Agency Director and President for over 25 years. He has personally booked thousands of Models, Actors and Extras. Troy has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world. He has also assisted in the casting of many acting and modeling projects

Craze Manager Rosie Anderson has worked as a model, actress, agent and manager for over 12 years. Rosie has assisted many of her talent with many national opportunities as models and actors.

Craze booking director Michael Risk has been with Craze for over 7 years as our lead booker and as an actor who has starred in many films and theatrical productions.

New Faces Director Kris Brklacich is an expert at finding great undiscovered talent. Kris has worked as an agent and make up artist for 15 years in the industry, 1o of those years with Craze.

James Pentaudi is our International model and actor placement director. James also owns Albany Talent in New York and is an nationally recognized authority on our industry..

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