Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craze Agency will be Casting new paying feature film!

Rage like love will be shot in Idaho and casting will be in Idaho, Utah and Washington.
Title: Rage Like Love (Non-Union)

Producer/Director: G. Green

Casting: Craze Agency will be assisting with Casting

Dates: (tentative) Start September 23, 2010 and run through October 20, 2010. Most available roles are Day Players and will require only 1 day of shooting within the production schedule.

Casting Location: Boise, Idaho


VICTOR BELLOWS, a powerful casino owner and drug dealer, rules with ruthless charm and brutality. ANNA, his battered wife of fifteen years, is controlled by Victor the same way. His business associates are not immune to his tactics either - like the high-strung Buenos Aires drug dealer GIOVANNI RUSSO. Victor is convinced that his employees are under his thumb, too; including his most-trusted, MICHAEL and the loyal but deadly CHRISTINA. But Victor gets his comeuppance when Anna finally can no longer take his abuse.

This film will most likely receive a PG-13 or R rating as there is some nudity and some language.

Audition Date: Saturday, June 5 from 10:00am- 2:30pm.

This is an amazing opportunity for Idaho Talent and we want you to get involved in this production. Please do everything you can to be available for the audition day!!




VICTOR BELLOWS- Handsome, distinguished looking, wealthy, powerful, capable of charm and ruthless brutality, psychopathic beneath his cultured facade, Victor is a casino owner and high-level drug kingpin who owns an apparently vast empire. Married to Anna for fifteen years, Victor mentally and physically abuses his wife and keeps her a virtual prisoner, gloating over his power to keep her from any kind of happiness. Deftly wielding his power both domestically and with his new business associate, Giovanni Russo, Victor is confident that his employees are loyal since he keeps them in a state of active fear as well. However, he doesn't take into account Anna's own power, and winds up a victim of his own deadly game...LEAD Pay rate- $7,500 flat rate

MICHAEL- Is a younger guy (late 20's early 30's) that is working as a "strong arm" and in this case a trusted bodyguard for Victor. He's rough around the edges, comes off as sort of a 'thug" at first, but as we get to know him, he's smart and has a heart of gold. He also falls in love with Anna, of course, and you know the rest of the story. LEAD Pay rate is $5,000 flat rate

CHRISTINA- This beautiful young woman is an accomplished soldier who winds up working for the ruthless Victor as an assassin. Intelligent, confident, sensual, Christina connects with Anna, and the two women realize there's a definite sexual chemistry between them. Though she's ordered by Victor to spy on the unfaithful Anna and ultimately kill her, Christina is part of the clever, intricate plot to give Victor a taste of his own medicine...LEAD Pay rate is $3,900 flat rate

GIOVANNI RUSSO- A wealthy, powerful, high level Argentinean drug dealer/businessman, authoritative, arrogant, with a refined Spanish accent, obsessed with Napoleon (to whom he frequently alludes), bad-tempered, Giovanni is a difficult man who has a long-standing business arrangement with Victor in the heroin market. Giovanni has some tempestuous dealings with Victor over the years and gives Victor an ultimatum when he believes some of Victor's men have been stealing from them. He apparently isn't well liked by the people who work with and for him, and he's ultimately killed by Victor...LEAD Pay rate is $3,200 flat rate

MARGARET- Victor's mother, wheelchair-bound in a nursing home, she's a querulous, bad-tempered old woman who's obviously struggling with memory loss. She frequently confuses Victor, her son, with Walter, her late husband, who was apparently as abusive to her as Victor is to his own wife...LEAD Pay rate TBA

JOSE / CARLOS- These two Argentinean men work for Giovanni, but hate their boss and are prepared to double cross him in favor of Victor. They are enthusiastic about working with Victor...1 speech & 1 line, 4 scenes; 4 speeches & 3 lines, 5 scenes respectively. SPEAK SPANISH AND ENGLISH. Pay rate is $350 flat rate.

FRANKIE HOBART- Bush pilot that’s been there and done that. He’s arrogant, but jumpy about the boss finding out that he’s stealing from him.. Speaking role. Pay rate is $350 flat rate

ED- One of the gun men that accompanies Victor during his “conversation” with Frankie. Non speaking role. Pay rate is $250 flat rate.

RICARDO- The other gun man that accompanies Victor during his “conversation” with Frankie. Non-speaking. Pay rate is $250 flat rate.

RONNIE BLACK- Hard working casino dealer that Victor plays “double or nothing” with. Speaking role. Pay rate is $350 flat rate.

GLENDA- Victor’s personal assistant. She’s helpful and wants to do the best job for her boss. Speaking role. Pay rate is $275 flat rate.

JOE RINALDI- The bush pilot that replaced Frankie Hobart. He’s also been there and done that. He’s also fallen into the same scenario as Frankie did – cutting shipments. He thought he could get away with it, but he finds out otherwise. Speaking role. Pay rate is $350 flat rate

LEO- Trusted employee that Victor trusts. Leo knows that a shipment has been cut and informs Victor. Speaking role. Pay rate is $300 flat rate.

LEATHER AND LACE CLERK- A real character behind the counter at the sex toy store. Not over the top, just a friendly guy that has a slight “sleaze factor” to him. Speaking role. Pay rate is $300 flat rate.

PAWNBROKER- Somewhat friendly business guy behind the counter, but is used to having the upper hand in getting the best deal for himself. Speaking role. Pay rate is $300 flat rate.

RENTAL CAR AGENT- Younger guy, helpful and courteous. Speaking role. Pay rate is $300 flat rate.

NURSING HOME NURSE- Seasoned professional, knows how to work with her patients. Speaking role. Pay rate is $300 flat rate.

THREE MEN PLAYING POKER- Polished business men, older (40’s, 50’s). Non-speaking. Pay rate is $175 flat rate.

DOCTOR- Male doctor, younger who’s checking Victor’s chart. Pay rate is $175 flat rate

4 NURSES- (2 male, 2 female). Pay rate is $175 flat rate.

AIRPORT SECURITY OFFICER- Male, 40-ish or older, bigger guy maybe. Speaking role. Pay rate is $275 flat rate.

TODD- Works with Christina and carries a gun. Potentially a big guy. Speaking role. Pay rate is $350 flat rate.

STEVEN- Works with Christina and carries a gun. Potentially a big guy. Non-speaking. Pay rate is $250 flat rate.

USED CAR SALESMAN- Older guy, personable, used to working with a wide variety of customers. He knows what to say, but not the typical “used car sales guy." Speaking role. Pay rate is $350 flat rate.

GAS STATION CLERK- Can be a character, trying to be nice to Anna. Speaking role. Pay rate is $175 flat rate.

MR. COOK- Older, well-dressed business man but looks a little like a gangster. Speaking role. $350 flat rate.

EXTRAS- various Men and Women. Pay rate is $90 flat rate.

If you are interested, fit any of the above roles, can be available on the audition day (June 5), and would like to be considered for an audition, email crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com your:



Role(s) you are interested in

We will submit your info. and if selected, we will contact you with additional info. and your auditions sides.

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