Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why being represented by a Modeling or Talent Agency is much better than being independent

Don’t lose valuable time, reputation and money by going independent or freelancing as a model or actor. Let a skilled and reputable agent do this work for you.

1- The Agency has the resources and ability to book you on projects much better than you could ever do because that is what they do. 
2- The Agency works with and can expose you to the real potential hiring clients. Many so called clients that look for unrepresented talent do so knowing they can get around paying the talent, or want to do something inappropriate with the talent.
 3- The Agency has the ability to negotiate a fair market rate for you much better that you could ever do for yourself. They can act as the bad guy if needed in achieving the best deal possible for you.
4- The Agency invoice and bill the client for the project making sure everything is legal and professional. The Agency often will hire an Attorney to go over all contracts.
5- The Agency makes sure that you get paid for the project. This is not always easy, often there are different billing clients that need to be invoiced and no one wants to be a bill collector. They have the resources and clout to get the difficult clients to pay.
If you have questions or need further advice call Craze Agency at 801-5430067 or go to http://www.crazeagency.wordpress.com

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