Friday, March 29, 2013

How to get discovered by the best Modeling and Talent agencies

Contact your local film commission and see the agencies they have listed, what their credits are and how long
they have been associated. Contact local ad agencies, commercial photography studios, production companies and casting directors. Ask them which agencies they work with.

Check the industry leader in tracking Film, T.V., acting and production and see their booking credentials. Then call the Better Business Bureau in the State you live in and find out who is an accepted member of the BBB and the agency's rating with the Bureau.

Pick 2-4 of the highest rated agencies and interview with them. At the interview see if the Agency can provide a verifiable list of jobs they have done in the past. If they do, make sure those types of clients fit your expertise and look.

Find out if they have personally represented any of their talent and assisted with them booking in larger markets if that is a goal of yours. Do not be confused with them claiming the talent once was represented by them. Be aware agencies are not miracle workers. You have to be exceptional and well skilled if clients are going to pay you to work in our industry.

Find out how much and what type of experience your actual agent and the
agency have. If you find an agency that you are comfortable with stick with them at least one year so they have time to market you properly. If you need more information go to

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