Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New auditions for models and actors!

Craze Agency is now looking for new faces for Utah and Idaho. We are booking many Promo as well as print modeling jobs! It looks like there are quite a few new films coming in and we want to get as many Actors and Extras booked. Of course we are keeping all of our represented talent first in mind for everything. If you are represented by us make sure you are watching our casting site and preparing yourself. Call us at 801-438-0067, 208-433-9511 or apply online at

Talent tips

1- When you are booked for any job write down the director, producer, casting director, TV Network etc.. You need this info. for your resume. Talent will often call Craze a few months after the project and seek the info. It is hard for us to remember every detail because we literally book thousands of different jobs. Also remember the part you played. ( Also if it was extra work you must put that in a separate Extra category not acting). Always update your resume the day you do the project and get us copies. You would not believe the amount of work people lose out on because their resumes are not updated or we do not have any.
2- To insure payment when you are booked on a job please remember to bring appropriate ID and fill out all forms legibly and correctly. Also keep track of the dates you work and what job it was just in case.
3- Keep your look close to the photos we use to promote you, or you must update the photos. Clients really get upset when you do not match your photo or if we send you out to meet them and you have gained or lost weight, have longer hair or a different color we could lose that client permanently.
.4- Never say a negative word on set. Even among fellow actors or models. Even about other agencies. It never helps you or us in the long run! Let's take the high road even though many people and agencies don't.
5- A successful Modeling and Acting career is like any other career it takes time, persistence, dedication, knowledge, skill and patience!
6- Many National Clients take their sweet time to pay you. Even when we bill them with a 30 day voucher. We hate it as bad as you do(we all have bills to pay). We will do everything in our power to collect but it has always been that way and will probably never change with the big national companies. They know they get allot of people work so if you harass them too much they will just use someone else.
7- Do not accept an audition unless you are 100% sure you can make it and be on time. Usually we are limited in the time slots we have and we do not have time to replace you. We also give the casting director a list the night before and they will too be busy the next day of the audition for us to schedule someone else with them. They just figure you are unreliable.
8- When we send emails with age ranges Example 19-25 that usually means the client wants a 22 year old. Only respond if you fit the profile.Do not respond with things like I am 29 or 16 but look younger or older. Also sometimes we get talent that say things like I have been told I can play much younger or older. Sometimes this is true but trust us we know what you can play, we would be crazy not to send you if you fit the description and the client would allow us to do so.
8- Not many agencies we are aware of offer free initial training as many times as you like and who will set up various times throughout the year to have you read and be evaluated. Or offer extremely inexpensive workshops that are not mandatory. Take advantage, it will help you to succeed!
10- No matter how you feel inside you have to portray self confidence when you are interviewed. Clients never hire people who let them know they are new at this or who are not a polished finished product.
11- Don't show it or be shocked if the audition is not what you visualized. A pro expects it to always be different and is ready to make quick on the spot adjustments. They almost want it to be tough because they know the amateur will let it effect them. Half of success in this business is being very adaptable on the fly. That is why it takes raining and experience for many of the jobs.
12- Always just have fun with this business. Clients love to be around smiling , funny, happy people. Many actors, models get too serious when they audition because they feel the pressure.
13- If a client ask you what your rate is say call my agent at the Craze Agency or let us know and we will contact them. That is our job and we will make sure to get documents signed if needed and get you the best rate possible for that type of project. Usually clients that do not want to initially go through agents will either never pay or low ball you or work in an unprofessional manner. Plus you are responsible to let the agency know about these projects.
14-Try to read your Craze emails twice a day!!!! Many projects are last minute or only a day's notice. Some are on a first come first serve basis. Become very familiar with computers almost everyone in our industry is going that way.
15- We really do have your best interest in mind and appreciate your hard work,loyalty and referrals. We are going to continue to grow and are always trying our best to improve and serve you better. We want a long lasting positive relationship!
Troy Lee
National Agency Director
Craze Agency

How to find a great modeling or talent agency

1-Call the Better Business Bureau in the State you live in and find out who is a member and there rating with the Bureau.

2-Contact your local film commission and see who they recommend.

3-Interview with at least three to five to different agencies and find the best fit possible. Be wary, if they make promises they probably are only after your money. Make sure you and your specific agent are on the same path for your future. Have realistic expectations.

4-Check the leader in tracking film and T.V. acting and productiond and see the agencies booking credentials.

5-Contact local ad agencies, commercial photography studios, production companies and casting directors

. Ask them which agencies they work with.

6-See if they have a legit list of jobs they have done in the past and if they do do they fit your expertise and look.

7-Understand that every agency is different and some have a certain expertise in the industry, make sure that your skills match.

8-Be aware agencies are not miracle workers. You have to be exceptional and well skilled if clients are going to pay you to work in our industry.

9-Make sure they have all the licenses required by your City, and State.

10-Find out if they have personally represented any of there talent that have gone on to work in larger markets.

11-Ask if they can show you various check stubbs of wages there talent have made.

12-Find out there commission rate and get it in writing. The average agency in the United States charges 10% for extras or SAG actors and 15-20% for everything else.

13-If you need more advice or representation go to, we are here to help.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest Craze Agency castings!

*Craze Agency Massive Celebrity Mansion Event Female Models Needed! Friday, January 22nd- 17 Models needed!!! Saturday, January 23rd- 10 Models needed!!! Sunday, January 24th- 10 Models needed!!! All Craze Talent go to our Casting site and apply. If you are not withCraze call 801-438-0067

*Actor needed for Student Film, Spokane, Washington, male lead for an action/sci-fi short film. The first days of filming start this weekend. Check out the Craze blog

*The hit Disney Channel Original Series, Hannah Montana is Casting Principal Roles and currently accepting Headshots and Resumes. The Craze Agency will be submitting Headshots based on casting needs. Casting is looking for Male and Female Kid/Teen/Adult actors ages 8+

*Utah production company is currently casting for a video shoot next Wednesday, January 20. It is for a startup company called Waiora, which specializes in health supplements. Needs various ages and looks, Check the casting blog for specifics.

*Male and Female Promo Staff needed for Event, Spokane, WA and Coeur D Alene, ID . Candidates must have a clean and professional look appearance. Looking for Males or Females, 18+

*Deseret Book is seeking an attractive, fun Female Teen Hostess with incredible personality for a new video they will be producing. Please check our Craze casting site

*A Utah Production company is producing web based videos for a computer security company. They are in need of some Male and Female talent actors and extras. Pay ranges from $400-$150 per day.

*We are currently seeking Male and Female Dancers, Actors, Singers and Character Performers for a new production of Disney Live. If you are with Craze go to our casting site for more info.

*Craze Agency looking for talent-Internet TV Comedy Series, NORTHERN, IDAHO Female Actress 18 to 25 wanted for lead. Must be extremely attractive. Petite a plus, under 5 7. Experience a plus but not absolutely necessary. Sense of fun, sense of humor mandatory as is willingness to do comedy

*Independent Film, All Mine is Casting in Utah they are looking for good actors 16-70 years old.

*We have a client out of Boise, Idaho that is looking to put together a video lifestyle shoot featuring Male and Female Ice Skaters. Client is looking for all types, Male and Female. Would preferably like to feature a family or couples. Looking for various levels but you will need to be able to smoothly skate on ice to be considered for this project

*Major national client hiring over 60 female Craze Promo talent for in store promotions all over Utah. If you are represented by us got to our casting site

*For modeling, acting and extra job opportunities apply online or call 801-438-0067 Utah, Wyoming and Western Colorado or 208-433-9511 for Idaho, Spokane, Washington and Eastern Oregon . If you are already with Craze go to our Casting site.