Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When you audition for Modeling or Acting jobs what to bring and expect

When you audition for Modeling or Acting jobs what to bring and expect

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  • Date and Time of Audition
  • Extra stapled  photo/resumes
  • Audition Address/ Directions
  • Contact Names (the casting director’s name and/or the person you’ll be asking for upon arrival)
  • What clothing to wear (Wardrobe) Generally business casual and simple
  • Name of the Project or Product (If possible research product, director or company)
  • Character description
  • Bring your sides if applicable and practice your lines(Memorized is always better)
  • Be Punctual-Ten minutes is good, 30 minutes is too early, Five minutes late is bad
  • Smile when greeting the client with direct eye contact “Hello, my name is___________________, nice to meet you!” If it is a big casting they usually do not want to shake everyone’s hand so gauge the client

    • Be Prepared -Know the material and practice. This may be your big break don’t waste it.
    • Keep a positive attitude, even if you don’t get the job.  Getting an audition already means you have been selected out of hundreds of potential talent for an interview.
    • Patients many times you will not know if booked for a week or longer. Keep the material you auditioned with in case of a callback.
    Do not bring others to the auditions.  If you must bring another child, bring someone to help or toys/books to keep the child busy and distracted from causing a disruption. Keep quite in the sitting area.

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    How often will I expect to be called for an audition?
    It really varies!!!
    Before you start complaining to your agent that they are not getting you out enough, consider the climate of the industry.  How strong is the dollar, does everyone seem to be filming abroad?  How big is the market we live in? What time of year is it?  How busy is the market we live in.
    Summer usually picks up because of the weather and people are out of school. It also tends to get busy around the second week of January for at least a month. Early fall is good also. If you are really good and versatile you can audition at least several times a month if not much more.
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