Thursday, November 15, 2012

Craze Agency Job opportunities

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RATE: rate plus travel (air fare)
Project Rate: SEE ROLE Shoot Dates: NOV 28-1st
USAGE: Consumer Print; France ONLY; Trade, Collateral, Press, PR, Brochure, Handbook and WW Internet including 3rd party social networking sites and Direct Marketing; Rest of world.
TERM: 2yrs.
OPTION 2: additional 3rd and 4th year usage option at usage at 5 % additional per
HAIRDRESSER Female / Principal / Hispanic / 25 - 35
Rate Main Talent = $2,500 + 20% (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500 )
MEXICAN HAIRDRESSER Extra Male / Principal / Hispanic / 35 - 40
Rate Recog Extras = $1,250 + 20% (dayrate $500 and usage $750)
HAIR FEATURED Male / Hispanic/ 25-35
Description Mexican Looking.
Rate Recog Extras = $1,250 + 20% (dayrate $500 and usage $750 )
REAL TWINS / Principal / Caucasian / 18 - 25
Rate Main Talent = $2,500 + 20% (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500 )
INDIAN BRIDE / Principal / East Indian / 18-27
Rate Main Talent = $2,500 + 20% (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500 )
SOCCER Latin Male Male / Principal / Hispanic / 20 - 29
Rate Main Talent = $2,500 + 20% (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500 )
Cristiano Ronaldo
TWENTY AGAIN Female / Principal / Caucasian / 35 - 45
Rate Main Talent = $4,500 + 20% (day rate $3000 and usage $1500)
Jodi Foster
SUBWAY GIRL Female / Principal / Arabic / 20 - 25
MOROCCAN OR TUNISIAN Rate Main Talent = $2,500 (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500
ASIAN MOTOR CYCLE GIRL Female / Principal / Asian / 25 - 30
Rate Main Talent = $2,500 + 20% (dayrate $1000 and usage $1500 )

Boise-Stock shoot paying asap!!!! 20's to 65
Stock photo/video clip production group. Based in Los Angeles, but working in Boise, we are trying to put together a full day stock shoot in Caldwell at the College of Idaho The concepts are business plus some mentoring and education. I need 4-6 strong talent, mostly in the age range of 40-65, and 2-3 people in their late 20s to m
id 30s. They would need to provide a current, well-fitting power suit plus a couple of variations, all conservative office attire.
Shoot time is 9:00am to 5:00pm, the rate is $90, plus a digital file of every photo and motion clip (generally 10-15 sec each, no sound) they appear in, to use however they wish.

Las Vegas -The Hangover 3 extras paying
Union & Non-Union extras for the feature film "The Hangover 3," starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis & Ed Helms. Project description: "This time, there's no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off." Maryellen Aviano, casting coord. Todd Phillips ("The Hangover"), dir.
Shooting Nov. in Las Vegas, NV.
Seeking—Party Goers: males & females, 20-39, all ethnicities, attractive, slick & upscale look, must be available for fitting on Nov.5. Accepting Union & Non-Union submissions.

Utah-New Film many parts ages 16 up!!! SAG!!!!!
Working Title: Cloud 9
Production Company Salty Pictures Inc
Casting Director Jeff Johnson
Shoot Dates: Sometime Early Jan 2013 for 5 weeks
Shooting Locations Salt Lake, Park City and Ogden
Salt Lake City, Utah
Rates SAG SCALE (Television Contract)
Female 16
18 Pretty The popular girls in school Rich and Beautiful all
ethnicitys, Would love to see older to play younger but not a must
Female 16
18 Pretty The popular girls in school Rich and Beautiful all
ethnicitys, Would love to see older to play younger but not a must
Webber Male 16
18,Any Ethnicity a floppyhaired superdude any ethnicity
Snowboarder Dude types
Burke Male 16
18 any Ethnicity a tank of a kid a big kid always eating
Male Cuacasian 40s, slick, Grecian hair formula coach of the snowboarding
team and AJS DAD Supporting lead Submit only Your Best
Richard Male Cuacasian 50s,Rich owner of the ski resort and Kayla’s dad
Andrea 38, caucasian Will’s mom owner of a pet grooming and watching store. Must
be good with working with dogs
45 Male any ethnicity ski lodge security must be funny
MADELINE 40s, Cuacasian Kaylas Mom Rich and beautiful Married to Richard
65 male any ethnicity dour faced British customer, Must be able to do a
british accent
CORRESPONDENT 20's Male or female hip Correspondent for a snowboard tv show
EVENT ORGANIZER(PATRICK) 20's Male any ethnicity A Fashion show orginazer
Announcer Male 20's
30's a Snowboard competition Announcer, Would love a real
snowboard competition announcer
Audition should be very soon!

Utah Print modeling ages 22-40 paying
Craze Agency client is doing a Lifestyle/Fitness Shoot
iPhone/iPad accessory company in Salt Lake City is doing its annual lifestyle product shoot and is looking for qualified models between the ages of 22-40.

Idaho -Some paying Zombie movie!!!
Hi I am Johnathan VanDerschaaf and I am a graduating senior at NNU.

I went through the actors on your website and was pleased with the quality and quantity.
I am looking for a supporting male and female role as well as lots of extras.
I will be shooting on the campus of NNU in Nampa, ID. For the female I would like an attractive 17-26 year old, any hair color, and she will have a minor role with around seven lines. (No Nude/profanity any of the sort)
For the male I would like an attractive 20-28 year old, any hair color, and he will have a minor role with around five lines. (No Nude /Profanity any of the sort)
For the extras I would like any person who would like to come be a zombie.
(No Nude/Profanity/or any of the sort)
As for extras I am looking for any age/gender/ethnicity. Basically anyone who wants to be a zombie.
Monetary compensation would only be for the supporting male and female role. My budget is small so both actors would each be paid $50 a day.
Compensation for the extras would be their name in the credits, some snacks on set, and having a fun time being a zombie!
This project is for the school, not class, and has to be completed. If someone signs up they will definitely have something to show for it.

Spokane. Northern Idaho Film
casting for an independent FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM called EQUAT10N on Nov. 10th @ Riverstone in Coeur d'Alene, ID. We are casting our Leads first, and Supporting Leads will follow. We have 1 Lead, and 4 Supporting Leads. This is a non-paid project, but your talent will have an amazing opportunity for a full two weeks+ of on-set experience.Synopsis:
So. Utah-Vegas extras paying
Looking for UNION AND NONUNION extras who LIVE IN LAS VEGAS and interested in working on the warner bros feature film H3.
Pay SAG extra rate
If you are interested email us
Nevada-Colorado- So. Utah Huge Promo Paying
Let us know asap thanks!
We have a huge fun Promo throughout NEVADA and Coloradohalf hour unpaid lunch) so 5.5 HOURS!!!!!
Pay $13 per hour
Looking for outgoing people 18 and up!
You will be handing out products to customers
You must take a card table to put product on.
If you are 100% available and fit the description please email us
Boise-Major National modeling agent meeting our talent!!!
A Major National modeling agent we have worked with in the past will be meeting our Craze Agency models in Boise She will be looking for Females, ages 13-25, 5’8”-5’11” size 0-5
Males, ages 16-30, 5’11”-6’3” good build, waist 3-29-34
This could be a chance to work in a major market, you must be very serious about working on a national level. Parents must also be aware and supportive if they are interested.
So. Utah -Vegas -Models, dancers etc. Paying
Productions is casting for a Redken corporate industrial show. Jamey Gallagher, prod.
Rehearsals will be daytime Jan. 13-20, 2013 in Las Vegas; the show will be Jan. 20, 2013, 7 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.
Seeking—Dancers: males (5'10"+) and females (5'7"+), ballet, contemporary hip hop and jazz. Models: females, 5'8"+. Body Builders, Gymnasts, Hand Balancers: males. Specialty Acts: males and females.
Auditions will be held Dec. 4, , Las Vegas, NV. Professional Pay

Idaho-Print Modeling 16-50 paying
Craze Agency client located in Nampa, Idaho...we make products for the Restaurant Industry.
I am looking for 3 each of Men (size Large) and Women (size Medium) for an apparel product photo shoot here in Late November. (after Thanksgiving). The requested size of the models is non-negotiable as I have samples only in those sizes mentioned.
Ages 16 to 50
We are paying $20 per hour/2 hour minimum. I would like to do casting in the next week or so.
Spokane-No. Idaho paying Actors/Actresses/Singers: males and females, 18+
ID, 'Sweeney Todd'
The Lake City Playhouse is casting "Sweeney Todd," a musical. Project description: "Stephen Sondheim's sophisticated operetta, a chilling tale of culinary crime and macabre wit. The infamous story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, an unjustly exiled barber who returns to 19th century London seeking
Casting Commercial boy 8-14 mom 35-50
There is a casting call for a commercial Tuesday, Nov. 6th from 4-7pm, at BYU Pay rates are still being discussed and will be mentioned at casting. Looking to cast the following roles:
BOY [AGE 8-14]: Boy gives dad a high five and delivers a short line
DAD - [AGE 35-50]: Dad gives son a high five, gives a short line about how the other team (mother and daughter) is going to loose.
All Craze markets-New Disney Pilot
Bandwagon Entertainment has been given a series pilot order by Disney Channel for a new sitcom titled "I Didn't Do it". Auditions are underway for the series regulars and possible recurring roles. There are many roles for actors to play high school students, especially needed will be extras who are 18 and over who can play younger. She 1/2 hour show centers aroun
d a pair of teen old fraternal twins and their dubious tales, with stories told in reverse menology.

All Craze markets singers 6-66 paying
NBC Universal is casting "The Winner Is." Producer states: "Do you have an amazing voice? From the creator who brought you "The Voice" and "Deal or No Deal," comes a groundbreaking prime time singing game show where you have a chance to win a huge cash prize simply by using your voice." Kalia Booker, casting dirShoot starts February 2013.
Seeking—Singers: males and females, 6-66+, any ethnicity, must have a great singing voice, a big personality, and the ability to size up competition, may be individuals or groups, any style of music accepted. Note: All contestants must U.S. residents.
Las Vegas-singers paying
Dublin Worldwide Productions/Spirit Productions USA is casting replacements. Jay Lodge, exec. dir.
Positions will be in their shows in Las Vegas, London, Europe, Monaco (Casino de Monte Carlo) and various locations around the U.S.
Seeking—Singers: males and females, all ethnicities, talented vocalists with a variety of range.
Utah-kids 6--18 Little Mermaid
(MMST) is casting "The Little Mermaid Jr." Project description: "In a magical kingdom fathoms below, the beautiful young mermaid Ariel longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. But first, she'll have to defy her father King Triton, make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula, and convince Prince Eric that she’s the girl with the enchanting voice." Cassidy Ross, dir.
Seeking─Kids: males and females, 6-18, all roles available: Ariel: female. Prince Eric: male. King Triton: male. Sebastian: male or female. Flounder: male or female. Scuttle: male or female. Ursula: female. Ensemble Roles: males and females.

Utah-Pioneer Theatre Company Announces Local Auditions for
The Odd Couple
By Neil Simon
Auditions for PTC’s production of The Odd Couple by Neil Simon will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2012, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Callbacks are scheduled for Saturday, December 15, 2012; that time will be announced to auditioners who are called back.
Audition slots from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. are for Actors’ Equity members only. Audition slots from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. are open to all auditioners. The audition slots are limited to five minutes.
Roles are for 2 females and 6 males; all auditioners must be 18 or older.
Gwendolyn – Woman, early 30s, British, secretary at a health club, widow, sister to Cecily
Cecily – Woman, early 30s, British, secretary at a health club, divorcee, sister to Gwendolyn
Speed – Male, 35 to 45, impatient and to-the-point
Murray – Male, 35 to 45, slow, methodical, policeman
Roy – Male, 35 to 45, methodical, accountant
Vinnie – Male, 35 to 45, married, slightly hen-pecked
Oscar – Male, 35 to 45, divorced, sportswriter for NY Post, pleasant, appealing, enjoys life to the fullest, lucky, carefree attitude, extremely sloppy, questionable manners but not offensive
Felix – Male, 35 to 45, newly separated, news writer for CBS,

Idaho-Sword swallowers, Idaho-fire dancers, contortionist, and all strange and unique acts Paying
We are looking for strange, fantastic, and amazing side-show type acts to join us, Glitterati Galls Burlesque, for a carnival-themed show
Utah male more Gold fever extras
Gold Fever is looking for men
Requirements: Caucasian/Male/24-60 years
Must be available all day. Rate is $101.50 for the day. Shoot Location will be in SLC near the U of U.
Reno-Brand Ambassadors-Staffing events in local home improvement retail stores! Ideal candidate will be friendly, outgoing, and able to effectively convey product features and benefits to customers. Pay is $13 per hour Must have reliable transportation, access to a computer, and a digital camera or cell phone. All event materials and training are provided. Ages 16 and up
So. Utah -Vegas-ages 16 up Fashion show paying 600 + MODELS needed
All Craze Markets Huge Print casting 18-45 Great pay!!!

Project Type: PRINT (NO VIDEO)
Union Status: No Union Affiliation (SAG,NON SAG OK)