Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here are some important tips that can really help us to help you!

Here are some important tips that can really help us to help you!

When you are booked for a job, many times the talent stress out because they do not hear from the client until the night before on the details of the job. This happens a lot because often they do not know exact times until they finish the previous days shooting.

Trust us, that if they contact us we will let you know ASAP! Please make sure to keep your phone close and check your email.

You need to be patient and understand it is not that they are not organized but that things don't always go perfect because of so many variables they have to deal with.

This is just part of the business but if you are patient things usually work out.

Craze never wants there to be rescheduling or date conflicts but it is out of our hands when it comes to this area.

Do not call your Agent after each audition asking if you were hired or have received a call back. The Agent will immediately call or email you once we are notified if they want to book you.

Sometimes it can take a few days for the clients to book the talent sometimes many months so always keep your sides just in case. If we let every person know when they did not receive a part all we would have time for is contacting our talent and we would never find new jobs or be able to book the jobs we are doing at that time.

Many National and some local Clients take more than 30 days time to pay you, even when your agent bills them with a 30 day voucher.
We hate it as bad as you do, (we all have bills to pay). Often they have 2-4 clients they bill to get you paid ( art directors, photographers, ad agencies, the actual client), so it can take sometimes 60-90 days.

We will do everything in our power to collect, but it has always been that way and it will probably never change with the big national companies. They know they get a lot of people work so if you or we harass them too much the client will just use someone else or another agency.

We will do everything in our power to get you your hard earned money and our success rate is over $98 Percent! Remember, we will email you the day the check clears so you can pick it up. Please don't bug us because it does no good, we have a great billing system and stay on top of all our invoices.
If a client asks you what your rate is, say, "call my agent" or you can call Craze and let us know and we will negotiate it for you and get legal contracts for you. That is our profession and we will make sure to get documents signed if needed and get you the best rate possible for that type of project in our market. Usually clients that do not want to initially go through agents will either never pay or low ball you or work in a very unprofessional manner. If there budget is small we still know how to get the most money possible for you . Also, you are responsible to let the agency know about these projects and pay your commissions.

Our goal is to help nurture and establish you in our markets so that we both can have a fantastic long term relationship and continue to grow. We hope this helps you to understand the business a little better

Thanks for your loyalty and hard work,
Craze Agency

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Work available now!

Craze Agency has a ton of Promo modeling jobs throughout the West. Call us at 801-438-0067 or 208-433-9511 or apply online at www.crazeagency.com