Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Customer Reviews of Craze Agency

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I wanted to let you know that Skyler made it to the Kids Superhero Project on Saturday. He had a lot of fun. Thanks for submitting Skyler for us. Erica Lessing

Yesterday I did my shoot for Alan Poulson photography.  He was very well pleased with the results and wanted to do another shoot!  Thanks for everything. Rachael Gibson 

That's great news, thank you for fighting for the extra pay for mileage!
Have a great day! Camilla Sandor

Wow, thank you! I had a great time, and hope to be able to work with them again. Thanks for considering me to audition, Shannon Broadhead

Thank you for the pairing. Erica and David were great. Carl Jorgenson
Super!  Glad he's available! Thanks much! Jarrah G.

Brandon Stanger and I have been cast in "A Flush of Hearts"  I've been cast as Derek and Brandon has been cast as Joey.  It starts filming next month and we're pretty excited. Thanks,
Andrew Krieter

Thanks you for allowing us to work with Jeremy Kopp and Rithzane Nerelus. Both Were outstanding. Popcorn Media

The kids were a blast. So fun and so well behaved. I hope they had a good time. They really all seemed to get along well.  Mike Chenowith

Hi I am letting you know mike was pleased with Jonah and other kids at shoot.. They all did well! Angie Lloyd

Emily participated in the 48-hour Film Project, the movie screened at the Broadway this year.
Thanks, Marilyn Smith

Thank you for the  models! Kind Regards, Zanja Assistant Managing Director

Thanks you for all your help! Kesner Jonasaint

I was hired for the Joico Hair show yesterday and today. It was incredible! Thank you for submitting me for the opportunity! Cara Bray

You guys are really amazing.  I appreciate all the help I get from you. 
Tonight I worked with Rachael Gibson for 3 hours.  She was even more amazing than last time.  Thanks again. Alan Poulsen

Thanks you have good people and we are grateful. Gilbert Howe
Thank you very much for your help. We look forward to working with your agency in the future!
 KaLeigh Van Vleet

That’s excellent news I was booked for the lead in the water Conservation commercials!
Thanks  Aaron Bruderer

Had a great time with this Engineering shoot on Saturday! Terry Gibson

Thank you -- we REALLY appreciate you getting the travel stipend paid
for! Thanks for all of your help!! Christina Billings

Everyone was there and they did a great job. Shoot went well.
Thanks for your help! Matt George

Thank you. It was another fun shoot. Thank again, Jessica Reese

Thank you so much for this opportunity. Lisa Mish

Hello, We ended up using Emily Brown for a book trailer shoot. She did an excellent job.
Thank you for sending her my way! Yelena Baykova

Thanks Troy. We used several of your actors for a short film I did in March. They were all great.  Glida Bothwell

We thought Rachael and Lauren were great.  We really appreciate it. Shaun Bonk

I just finished the project in Rexburg!
Thank You,  Brandon Ganske

 Hi Craze, Thanks for the support. Mark Berrier

We love Walter! Pietro D’Alessio
Executive Producer/Creator Proper Manors

"Troy is a fine agent, teacher and mentor. He is one of those agents who can be counted on and trusted always."
Alan Meyer

Just came back from the shoot with Luke Miller. I had a great time. He was super nice. Thanks so much!!! Mickey Dexter

Thanks very much for the opportunity, I enjoyed the experience very much! 
Corina Monoran

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