Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LA Talent Manager coming to Craze Agency

LA Talent Management company will be holding auditions for unrepresented talent from 2:00pm- 6:00pm on Friday, January 21. THIS WILL BE ONE DAY ONLY.
Branden started his career as a singer/actor and moved out to Los Angeles in 2004 to try and achieve that dream. In 2005 he decided to jump behind the scenes and work on developing new talent and help them reach their goals of “Making It” in the industry. From 2005 to 2009 while in Los Angeles he helped start the careers of many young talents and place them with many different agents..

Since 2009 Branden has worked with many different management companies and agencies in the Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas areas, gaining more experience in the industry. By 2010 Branden felt it was time to start his own management company. specializing in actors and singers in Los Angeles. Branden will continue to find new talent to work with and mold into the stars of tomorrow. Branden loves to scout and find talent and hopes to meet many different talents of all different ages that he may be able to represent in Los Angeles.

Branden is also currently working on many different projects and ways to help people develop their talent. Ever since Branden was a child he wanted to see names in lights, he has discovered that it is not his name he is looking to see in the lights but the talent he represents and will strive to reach that goal. Branden’s talent has gone on to star on Disney Channel, Lifetime Network, CSI, Law and Order, My Wife and Kids, Dark Water, Step Brothers, Power Rangers, and many different roles on the “Big Screen” and Broadway.

Branden's goal with his management company is to bring all his knowledge and industry connections together to create a great management company in LA for finding and developing talent. Branden has always been different in how he views the entertainment industry and because of his forward thinking and tremendous ability to recognize new talent; there are truly no limits to what he is capable of. Branden has always been a leader, not a follower and looks forward to becoming the leader in all aspects of the entertainment industry.
He does not require people to relocate to California but does require that they are available to come out for auditions. He will sit down with talent that he is interested in and Craze to establish a game plan on what you are willing to do.
The more you are in the process and the more time you put into auditions, the more work you will receive.

What to prepare for:

Actors will need to prepare a 30 second- 1 minute Monologue of your choice
Models will need to bring in a portfolio and/or photos
Singers will need to prepare a 30 second- 1 minute song of your choice. You will sing it acapella.
Dancers will need to prepare a short 30 second- 1 minute routine. Please bring your own music.
If you are interested in being submitted email Craze Agency at crazeagency@sisna.com
5-The areas you would like to be considered for
We will let you know if they would like to meet!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Craze Agency key acting tips

1- When you are booked for any job write down the director, producer, casting director, TV Network etc... You need this info. For your resume. Also remember the part you played. (If it was extra work you must put that in a separate Extra category not acting). Always update your resume the day you do the project. You would not believe the amount of work people lose out on because their resumes are not updated.

2- To insure payment when you are booked on a job, please remember to bring appropriate ID and fill out all forms legibly and correctly. Also keep track of the dates you work and what job it was just in case.

3- Keep your look close to the photos your agent uses to promote you, or you must update the photos. Clients really get upset when you do not match your photo or if we send you out to meet them and you have gained or lost weight, have longer hair or a different color we could lose that client permanently.

4- Never say a negative word on set. Even among fellow actors or models. Even about other agencies. It never helps you or us in the long run! Let's take the high road even though many people and agencies don't.

5- A successful Modeling and Acting career is like any other career it takes time, persistence, dedication, knowledge, skill and patience!

6- Many National Clients take time to pay you, even when your agent bills them with a 30 day voucher. We all hate it as bad as you do, (we all have bills to pay). Often they have 2-3 clients they bill to get you paid. Legitimate agents will do everything in their power to collect, but it has always been that way and will probably never change with the big national companies. They know they get a lot of people work so if you harass them too much the client will just use someone else.

7- Do not accept an audition unless you are 100% sure you can make it and be on time. Usually agents are limited in the time slots we have and we do not have time to replace you. We also give the casting director a list the night before and they will too be busy the next day of the audition for us to schedule someone else with them. They just figure you are unreliable.

8- No matter how you feel inside you have to portray self confidence when you are interviewed. Clients never hire people who let them know they are new at this or who are not a polished finished product.

9- Don't show it or be shocked if the audition is not what you visualized. A pro expects it to always be different and is ready to make quick on the spot adjustments. They almost want it to be tough because they know the amateur will let it affect them. Half of success in this business is
Being very adaptable on the fly. That is why it takes training and experience for many of the jobs.

10- Always just have fun with this business. Clients love to be around smiling, funny, happy people. Many actors, models get too serious when they audition because they feel the pressure.

11- If a client ask you what your rate is say, call my agent or let us know. That is our job and we will make sure to get documents signed if needed and get you the best rate possible for that type of project. Usually clients that do not want to initially go through agents will either never pay or low ball you or work in an unprofessional manner. Plus you are responsible to let the agency know about these projects.

12- If you need an agent research the Better Business Bureau, call your local Film Commission and ask casting directors who they use. If you live in the western U.S. except California contact the Craze Agency 801-438-0067, www.crazeagency.com