Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Interesting and successful Craze Actors and Models.

This is the third installment of interview’s I will be doing with interesting and successful Utah  Actors and Models. These interviews will show the world there are talented people in our area who are capable of handling just about anything that comes their way!
Randall Malin is currently starring as “The Professor” in the successful series of over 20 commercials for “Check City”. Randal has worked on numerous Films and Television programs with Scott Wolfe, June Lockhart, Tom Amandes, Steve Valentine, Todd Bridges, Larry Thomas and John Quinones.
What made you decide to get into the acting and modeling business?
I was watching a show on PBS that had a profound impact on me. The next day I picked up the phone and made an appointment with Craze Agency.
What made you stick with it when you first started and received some rejection?
I knew from the start that I loved it and improvement was up to me so rejection motivated me.
I know from personal experience many friends and family can sometimes be skeptical or jealous about being in the entertainment business even if you show some success.  What do your family and friends think about you being in it? Have they changed their minds over a period of time?
I tend to go "all in" when I commit to something. They may have thought it would be a hobby but has grown to be so much more than that.
Who are your favorite entertainers and why?
Daniel Day Lewis, George Clooney, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep. All are relaxed, authentic and effortless. A beautiful thing to watch.
What has been the hardest thing for you as an actor or model?
When I'm less than 100% in an audition.
What are the things you enjoy the most about our business?
When I'm on set and everyone is functioning as one, focused and cohesive unit. You can feel it, and it feels great.
Do you have a funny story to tell about this business?
Yes, my first "Trailer" was a U-Haul
What keeps you going in our business? I
 Love it, it challenges me and brings me much joy. Another thing that I love about acting is that it's always expanding and opening, this fascinates me.
What do you feel makes you unique and talented?
My extremely positive and happy energy.
Who have been your biggest influences in our business?
Glenn Morshower, Charlie Halford, Jeff Johnson, Catrine McGregor and Troy Lee.
What is your regular occupation? How do you juggle both?
I'm also a Chiropractor. I create time and honor them both.
How long have you been serious as an actor or model?
 Nine years

One of the toughest things for me as an agent is when I continually promote our talent really hard and because of things like the size of the market, the time of year or that there just is not a job coming up immediately for that  particular talent, some talent get discouraged and lose interest.   As an experienced agent I know things will soon get busy when you do the right things and stick with it. How have you not let the slower periods or even when you are busy auditioning but not booking jobs discourage you?
Staying involved in workshops and classes. It's fun and keeps you sharp, and focused.
What advice would you give newcomers entering the business?
Take a Meissner Class from a quality instructor.
What would your dream role or entertainment job be?
Lead role in a highly successful feature film and TV series
What makes you most nervous in our industry?
Being nervous
Can you tell us about yourself pertaining to the entertainment business, (most notable roles, and some interesting personal facts about you)?
I am currently playing The Crazy, Intense Professor for Check City. This has been wildly successful. I received a great role in the SAG film Tex Murphy playing Mason, doing my best to save the planet. Also I just finished filming on the hit TV show Granite Flats. I played Bud, a wormy stepson (so much fun). On the personal side, I'm a marathon runner and have gone 100 miles/hour on snow skis (that was an adventure).
This interview was conducted by Troy Lee CEO of Craze Agency. For more information about Randall or to schedule an interview go to  email me at or call 801-438-0067.

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